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Yes. The application system will remain open until Noon, July 15, 2019 (HK Time) for late application. Successful candidates will be informed of the decision in Spring 2019.

No, you may continue to upload your test results and other supporting documents to your application account throughout the academic year. However, it is recommended that you upload the supporting documents as early as possible to facilitate wholesome evaluation of your application.

The invitation emails are being sent out to the nominated referee(s) of submitted applications. The system will also automatically spot unsubmitted cases and send reminders periodically.
If the referee is encountering difficulties in receiving the invitation letter, please ask them to check their Spam/Junk folder. Alternatively, please advise the referee to directly contact us via

If you are encountering problems with payment, please read the following:

  1. If the “Status” of your application is “Submitted” with an application number on the left, payment has been submitted, processed successfully and you may disregard the error message. You should, however, keep a record of the proof of payment for reference.
  2. If the “Status” of your application is “In progress”, payment has NOT been processed successfully and you should arrange to re-submit the payment. The university will only charge the application fee once per application account.
  3. Duplicate payment held by your bank will be refunded on the banking institution’s timetable. You should contact your bank regarding the issue.  If you have been charged twice by your bank and the matter cannot be resolved with the institution, please send us the official bank statement to stating both transaction for our follow up.

Applicants should provide proof of achievement in an international examination (IB Diploma, GCE A Level, SAT / ACT / AP, etc.) or a national examination (Indian Board Examinations, ATAR, Canadian provincial examinations, etc.), together with the English language and the second language proficiency to apply to HKU.

Meanwhile, some programmes have programme specific requirements, which are listed on our website here.
Detailed Admissions Standards can be found here. Please note, however, the Admissions Standards are information for students to assess their competitiveness for our various programmes.  It should not be interpreted as a guarantee for admission.

Applicants to HKU are required to demonstrate proficiency in a language other than English.  Chinese is not compulsory as the medium of instruction at the university is English. You may refer to Section D of the Admissions Standards ( on ways to meet this requirement. 

If you are unable to provide the required examination result to meet this requirement, you may upload evidence of your proficiency in a second language (e.g. school transcript) and state this clearly on your application if seeking a waiver for this requirement.

After submitting the application, you can access the application account to upload examination scores, certificates and other supporting documents.

You should upload a personal statement no more than 1000 words detailing your interest in applying to the University, the programme(s), etc. You will only be able to submit one personal statement regardless of the number of your programme choice(s).

You may nominate your counsellor(s) in the application system to provide a reference as well as any anticipated / predicted results to support your application. You may select your counsellor(s) from the drop-down menu. If your counsellor is not listed, you should nominate your counsellor as a referee and ask the counsellor to upload the official transcript with your predictions along with their recommendation.

The tuition fee for non-local students admitted in 2019-2020 is HK$164,000 per year.

You are not required to submit a separate application for an entrance scholarship. You will be considered for an entrance scholarship automatically with your admissions application and the result will be announced at the same time as your offer of admission.

After you are admitted to the University, you may apply for other HKU scholarships. Please refer to

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