Biomedical Sciences: Significant impact on daily lives

The study of biomedical sciences focuses on the relationships between humans, health and diseases, translating biomedical applications of basic sciences to the clinical practices of health services and healthcare industry. 

The programme aims to offer strategic training in the fundamentals of state-of-the-art sciences and to nurture graduates with a broad but core knowledge of key biomedical disciplines. Three minors will be offered, namely, 'Biotechnology and Clinical Research', 'Genetics and Genomics' and 'Kinesiology' under the programme. Students enrolled in this programme will also have the chance to further their studies at the Faculty’s partner institutions such as the University of Edinburgh, University of Sydney and University of California, Berkeley. 

Programme Introduction and Admissions

Dr Martin MC Cheung, Associate Professor from the School of Biomedical Sciences, talked in details about what biomedical sciences is about and what you would expect from the programme.

Graduate Prospects

Graduates are well-trained to develop careers in areas of:

  • research in university, government and industrial laboratories;
  • research and development for the pharmaceutical, diagnostics, medical-device and laboratory-instrumentation industries;
  • management and business development in the above-mentioned industries;
  • clinical-trials management;
  • fitness and health, rehabilitation and sport management;
  • health promotion, hospital administration and healthcare planning;
  • media and communications.

More about the Programme

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