Bachelor of Arts and Sciences: Thinking outside the box

The Bachelor of Arts and Sciences programme is designed for intellectually ambitious students who want to take control of their learning and develop a broad set of scholarly skills in order to become leaders across a diverse range of fields to tackle important global challenges.

Students will gain social intelligence, and creative problem-solving and analytical skills, and be aware of ethical responsibility. They will also learn how to intersect and integrate disciplines through case studies, capstone experiences, and learn from thought leaders, and movers and shakers.

Programme Introduction and Admissions

Prof. William Hayward, Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, talked in details about what BASc is about and what you would expect from the programme.

Graduate Prospects

The curriculum prepares graduates for various career opportunities that will have an impact in the workplace and community locally and beyond. Its well-rounded interdisciplinary education and an integrated set of skills training spanning across Social Sciences, Science, Arts and Humanities make job candidates more competitive for all roles that require ‘thinking outside the box’, creativity, critical thinking adaptability, problem-solving skills, communication and empathy as well as training in vocational skills in the area of:

  • Government
  • Management consultancy
  • Public relations 
  • Banking
  • Public policy
  • Environmental services
  • Museums
  • Heritage or science writing
  • Journalism
  • Non-governmental organisation work and more.

More about the Programme

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