Abbreviation to be used in the application form Code Number of first-year places
BASc(FinTech) 6248 24
Programme Aims and Features

Financial Technologies (FinTech) refers to the application of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the field of financial services. It is a new emerging inter‐disciplinary area with very high impact on the economy of every society.

The BASc(FinTech) degree is jointly offered by the Department of Computer Science, the Faculty of Engineering and the Faculty of Business and Economics. The objective of the programme is to nurture financial technologists and entrepreneurs with essential knowledge in both finance and technology for taking up a leading role in innovation and applications of Financial Technology. Being an inter-disciplinary effort, the programme combines subjects on computing, finance, and policies and regulations to give students a thorough grounding in the FinTech discipline.

The programme consists of foundation courses in mathematics, statistics, finance, computing, and law, as well as hard topics in FinTech and soft topics in Arts and Social Sciences. Hard topics in FinTech include courses in distributed ledger and blockchain technology, big data and data mining, computational finance and algorithmic trading, e-payment and crypto-currency, financial programming and databases, and mathematical finance etc. Soft topics are courses from Arts and Social Sciences, which serve for training students to have a broader mindset and allow them to apply their knowledge and skills adaptively and creatively in this fast-growing discipline.

The programme prepares graduates with knowledge in both finance and technology, allowing them to have a broad career pathway as they could take up positions in FinTech industry, finance industry, as well as IT industry. Graduates can also continue their studies by pursuing a master or doctoral degree in Hong Kong or overseas. Professionally, it is expected that graduates of the programme will become FinTech professionals, leaders in the FinTech industry, and researchers in the FinTech discipline.

Career Prospects

Majority of the graduates will work in the finance sector; mostly will become FinTech professionals and leaders in the FinTech industry. Some graduates may start their own business and be an entrepreneur. Some may pursue further studies (master or doctoral degree) in Hong Kong or overseas.

Contacts for Further Information
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