Supporting a Student's Application (for 2020-21 intake)

*Counsellors or teachers who are tasked with supporting students’ application to University may seek for access to the HKU Counsellors’ Portal.

For counsellors with whom we have already connected in previous cycles, an email with your access and password will be sent to you when the system opens.  If you need access to the counsellors’ portal, please let us know here.

Counsellors can support your students by uploading your reference letter as well as the report on the applicants’ performance onto the Counsellors’ Portal.  Applicants have been given detailed instructions on how to nominate you as their counsellor on the application system under this Step by Step Guide to Application.  A system-generated email will be sent to you once an application naming you as a referee is submitted to HKU as a reminder.

Please refer to the application timeline below for your reference:

Application Open

Mid-September, 2019

Main Round Application Deadline

12:00 noon, November 22, 2019 (Hong Kong Time)

Recommended date for counsellors and referees to provide predicted grades, transcripts and other supporting documents

By November 30, 2019

Late Application Deadline

12:00 noon, July 15, 2020 (Hong Kong Time)

Access to HKU Counsellors’ Portal (coming soon, please check back again)

Guide on using the HKU Consellors’ Portal

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