The programmes listed under Programme Information have set aside a certain number of senior-year places for direct entry by sub-degree graduates.

If you are a graduate of a recognised full-time Associate Degree (AD) or Higher Diploma (HD) programme of at least two years in duration from a community college in Hong Kong, we welcome your application through the Direct Admissions Scheme to Senior Year Places. Final-year students on such programmes can also apply, and admission, if applicable, will be subject to the completion of the AD or HD programme by August 2018.

Application for admission in September 2018 is now open and will be closed on 12:00 noon, November 16, 2017 (Hong Kong Time). Applications submitted after the deadline will be considered as late applications, which will be accepted before 12:00 noon, July 15, 2018 (Hong Kong Time). As undergraduate places are being filled all the time, you may wish to apply for admission as early as possible.

Please read carefully the General Information and Instructions before proceeding to your application.

Admission decision will be announced on a rolling basis starting from February / March 2018.

The Sports Scholarship Scheme is available to students with significant commitment to the pursuit of sporting excellence as well as to their formal academic studies.  Please visit the website of the University's Centre for Sports and Exercise here for further details.


< Important Note >

The following categories of applicants should apply through the Non-JUPAS Admissions Scheme instead:

(1) Non-final-year students of an AD or HD programme from a community college in Hong Kong;

(2) AD or HD graduates / final-year students from a community college in Hong Kong who are only interested in programmes other than those offering senior year places;

(3) Applicants who are currently enrolled in a bachelor's degree / higher degree programme in a local or overseas institution and would like to transfer to the University;

(4) Applicants who have once enrolled in a bachelor's degree / higher degree programme at a tertiary institution and completed one or more year(s) of studies, irrespective of whether the qualifications have been awarded; and

(5) Applicants who would like to apply for direct entry to senior year places based on qualifications other than an AD or HD from a community college in Hong Kong, including AD or HD graduates / final-year students from an overseas institution and holders of a bachelor's degree / higher degree from a local or overseas institution.