Abbreviation to be used in the application form Code Number of first-year places
MBBS 6456 265
Programme Aims and Features

The goal of the MBBS curriculum is to produce doctors who are competent in the understanding and delivery of effective, humane and ethical medical care, committed to lifelong learning, and ready to proceed to postgraduate training.

The MBBS curriculum lasts for 12 semesters spreading over six years and is designed to emphasise and integrate four key themes:

  • Human Biology in Health and Disease
  • Professional Skills: Diagnostic, Problem Solving, Effective Communication and Clinical Management
  • Population Health, Health Services, Economics and Policy
  • Medical Ethics, Professional Attitudes and Behaviour

The whole third year of the MBBS curriculum is a personalized Enrichment Year which aims at enhancing and enriching students’ total learning experience and whole person development.  Students are given greater space and latitude to plan and self-initiate their own learning experiences within or beyond Hong Kong.  They can spend up to a year for research attachment, overseas exchange, humanitarian work, community service projects, and/or intercalation/articulation/elective programmes.

Professional Recognition

The MBBS degrees are recognised as registrable primary qualifications by the Medical Council of Hong Kong.

Career Prospects

After having obtained the MBBS degrees, all medical graduates are required to undergo one year of housemanship in a public hospital before they can practise as licensed doctors in the city. Completion of basic medical training opens the door to a multitude of career options in medicine, including public-hospital doctors, private practitioners, university doctors involved in clinical teaching, research and services, and healthcare administration. To be a specialist, medical graduates should be prepared for more years of postgraduate training and more examinations. A few graduates will use their basic medical training to develop their careers in non-medical fields such as law, business and pharmaceutical development.

Contacts for Further Information
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