Abbreviation to be used in the application form Code Number of first-year places
BFin(AMPB) 6860 289*

*The total number of first-year places for 6767 Bachelor of Economics / Bachelor of Economics and Finance, 6781 Bachelor of Business Administration / Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance and 6860 Bachelor of Finance in Asset Management and Private Banking is 289. Up to 20 places is allocated to the Bachelor of Finance (Asset Management and Private Banking).

Programme Aims and Features

The Bachelor of Finance in Asset Management and Private Banking (BFin(AMPB)) programme is the first undergraduate programme of its kind in Hong Kong and Asia. The Programme aims to prepare students to enter the rapidly growing fields of asset management and private banking in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific.

During the first two years, students complete introductory courses in accounting, economics, mathematics, statistics, corporate finance, and investments and portfolio analysis.  In subsequent years, students take more specified courses related to the asset management and private banking sectors including equity valuation, investment management, lending and credit, financial regulations and compliance.

The practical and career-oriented curriculum of the BFin(AMPB) programme provides our students with the necessary knowledge and skills for careers in asset management and private banking. Practical-oriented courses taught by teachers with solid experience in AMPB industry will be offered to BFin(AMPB) students, including a final-year capstone course requiring students to apply their knowledge to real world situations by conducting analyses and managing a portfolio based on investment guidelines and risk policies of institutional or high net-worth clients. 

BFin(AMPB) students will be given opportunities to apply for different enrichment activities specific to their studies, including overseas exchange study and industry-sponsored internships in either Year 2 or 3. Frequent networking activities with market practitioners are available, e.g. mentorship programme, coffee chat and round table talks, career seminars by professional bodies, and thematic visits to AMPB firms.

Career Prospects

Students will be ready to enter into a wide range of careers working in the finance industry including but not limited to the asset management and private banking sectors.

Contacts for Further Information
Faculty of Business and Economics
Tel 3917 5343