Abbreviation to be used in the application form Code Number of first-year places
BED&BSS 6195 6
Programme Aims and Features

The Faculty of Education in collaboration with the Faculty of Social Sciences offers an inter-disciplinary five-year honours degree focusing on the study of Social Sciences and the teaching of Liberal Studies, a broad-based core subject in the senior secondary school curriculum.

The double-degree curriculum integrates academic and professional studies in Liberal Studies education. Students take a Social Sciences major in the Faculty of Social Sciences, and Education Professional Core courses in the Faculty of Education. Professional aspects of the double degree are phased in gradually over the five years, including pedagogy, psychological and sociological courses, and teaching practice in Hong Kong secondary schools. The curriculum focuses on the teaching and learning of Liberal Studies in mainstream Hong Kong schools. Students are provided with great varieties of off-campus learning opportunities, including NGOs visits, cross-border experiential learning programmes, overseas exchange programmes, etc. Students will be awarded two degrees upon completion of the programme.

Students are required to complete the Education Professional Core Courses and one of the following 6 Social Sciences majors over 5 years of studies:

  • China Studies (Social Sciences stream)
  • Geography
  • Politics and Public Administration
  • Psychology
  • Social Policy and Social Development
  • Sociology
Professional Recognition

Upon graduation, the BEd&BSocSc programme offers qualification equivalent to a BSocSc plus a Postgraduate Diploma in Education, a professional teaching qualification recognised in Hong Kong schools and internationally.

Career Prospects

Our graduates often join the following professions:

  • Teaching liberal studies and humanities-related subjects in mainstream Hong Kong schools and international schools
  • Working for NGOs and other educational bodies
  • Government quality assurance and curriculum development
  • Education officers for government departments, public utilities and statutory bodies
  • Civil service and administration
  • Human-resources development, training and communication
  • Media and journalism
  • Educational publication and editing services
  • Research in social sciences and education
Contacts for Further Information
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Faculty of Education
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Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Social Sciences Programme
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