About the Faculty 

HKU Business School takes an entrepreneurial approach to meeting the challenges of a rapidly changing economic and business environment by drawing together the strengths of six academic areas, namely Accounting and Law, Economics, Finance, Innovation and Information Management, Management and Strategy, and Marketing.

Leveraging its deep root in Hong Kong and strong engagement with China, HKU Business School not only equips students with the vision and practical tools necessary to become successful business leaders in Hong Kong, Greater China and further afield, but also provides a strong grounding in both theoretical and applied aspects of economics, allowing students to analyse how business and policy decisions are made in a dynamic world. 

A hallmark of our School that separates us from the others is our truly multi-disciplinary approach.  HKU Business School’s tremendous wealth of resources offers students with a wide array of choices to combine studies in economics and finance, accounting and finance, business and law, business and computer studies, and international business and global management.

In addition, our postgraduate programmes are offered to enhance students’ knowledge and competitiveness amidst the challenging business landscape. Our curricula are revised on a regular basis to incorporate recent developments in different fields of study, and to reflect the ever-changing needs of our students and society at large.

*The total number of first-year places for 6767 Bachelor of Economics / Bachelor of Economics and Finance, 6781 Bachelor of Business Administration / Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Finance and 6860 Bachelor of Finance in Asset Management and Private Banking is 285 - 295. Up to 20 places is allocated to the Bachelor of Finance (Asset Management and Private Banking).