About the Faculty 

The Faculty of Architecture of The University of Hong Kong introduces students to the lifelong process of learning through the lens of professional concerns specific to the education of architects, conservationists, landscape architects, surveyors, urban planners and designers, while also extending that knowledge into a range of other disciplines. Through its five undergraduate degrees, the Departments of Architecture, Real Estate and Construction, Urban Planning and Design, the Division of Landscape Architecture and the Division of Architectural Conservation Programmes cover traditional areas of learning related to the built environment, including building design and technology; the history and theory of architecture, conservation and landscape architecture; landscape design; management of land and construction strategies; property maintenance; real-estate valuation and project management; urban design and urban-development theories. In addition, several areas of increasing importance to modern architectural practice are also becoming increasingly prominent within the curriculum: computer-aided design, imaging and manufacture; international aspects of architectural practice; and new building methods and materials.

Degrees Offered
Title Abbreviation to be used in the application form Code Number of first-year places
Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies BA(AS) 6004 53
Bachelor of Science in Surveying BSC(SURV) 6016 43
Bachelor of Arts in Landscape Studies BA(LS) 6028 12
Bachelor of Arts in Urban Studies BA(US) 6042 17
Bachelor of Arts and Sciences in Design+ BASc(Design+) 6236 15